Technical Support Specialist



As the use of computers grows, so does the need for qualified individuals to install and upgrade computer systems and to troubleshoot hardware and operating system problems. Students will be trained to install, repair, and troubleshoot computer hardware components and systems. Students will be able to act as liaison for user concerns and needs and to act as representatives for information Technology (IT) departments.

Skills that will prove to be important in this program are knowledge of computer hardware and operating system, components, and interoperability. Students will also develop critical problem solving skills and techniques, both written and verbal communication skills that, in turn, enable them as professionals to meet user needs more effectively.

Graduates will be qualified to fill jobs such as Technical Support, Customer Service Technician, Help Desk Analyst, Computer Support Specialist, Field Support Technician, and PC Technician. Students enrolled in this program during the day should be aware that they will be required to attend evening classes for concentration requirements to complete the diploma.

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Meet a Graduate

I started at Lansdale School of Business in 2017 when I was 46 years old. I thought to myself, how can I possible learn something new and completely different at my age? I decided to take the plunge and I applied to LSB. I became a Certified Medical Coder then got my Associates in Medical Operations Management. This has been a dream come true for me! You are never too old to go back to school!

Amanda Wellener ‘20

Associate in Specialized Business Degree

Office Operations Management