Web Design


Students in the Web Design program will be trained to design, build, and maintain pages for publication on the Internet. Students will be able to translate client concepts into concrete examples, publish the pages to servers, and act as liaison between their respective organizations and clients. Skills that will prove to be important in this program will be provided with an in-depth web design education. Students will also develop critical communications and creative problem solving skills that will foster professional work relations which in turn enable them, as professionals, to meet client needs more effectively. Graduates will be able to seek employment as Web Designers and Web Developers. Students enrolled in this program during the day should be aware that they will be required to attend evening classes for concentration requirements to complete the degree.

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Meet a Graduate

Being an adult, working full time with kids at home, and going to school was an idea I never could have fathomed. The teachers and staff are very resourceful and willing to help with scheduling and preparing me for my new job. The teachers have not only been my biggest cheerleaders since starting but now are also lifelong mentors.


Carey Welsh ‘19